Ignite Bengal Spirit, Fuel the Future

Welcome to Bengal Giving Day, our electrifying 1,901-minute challenge, and play a pivotal role in advancing Idaho State University and the dreams of Bengal students. Since 1901, ISU has been a launchpad for ambition and success. Now it’s your turn to contribute to this legacy of excellence and community impact.

Every Gift Makes an Impact

No matter the size, your donation is powerful. Choose a cause at ISU that sparks your passion, or select the “Other” option to designate your gift to a special area that speaks to you. With numerous causes awaiting your support, discover where your generosity can light up the path for our Bengals.

Join the ROAR

Bengal Giving Day is not just a moment to give – it’s a movement to unite, celebrate and elevate Bengal Nation. It’s a day to show your Bengal pride and make a lasting difference in the lives of our students. Let’s rally together, amplify our collective ROAR, and set the stage for a brighter future for all Bengals.